‘Here’s Why Warren Buffett And Other Great Investors Don’t Diversify’: Our Latest Forbes Article

Our Members are well aware that one of the keys to our investing success is that we don’t diversify our portfolio. We believe in highly concentrated positions, which has helped contribute to our long-term track record of beating the market (16.08% annual returns over the last 10 years, compared to 10.17% for the S&P 500).

With that in mind, we found that some of the best investors share our belief in a concentrated portfolio. We published their thoughts in our latest article for Forbes and included some great quotes, including “like an oversexed guy in a whorehouse,” Warren Buffett’s infamous response when asked how he felt about the opportunity to load up on stocks during a bear market in the 1970s.

The article is featured today on the front page of Forbes.com, or you can click below to read:

Here’s Why Warren Buffett And Other Great Investors Don’t Diversify

Warren Buffett Forbes diversify

One advantage of being an individual investor is that there are no restrictions to how much can be invested in any one stock or sector. Mutual funds are not allowed the same leeway and charge high fees for diversification and active management.

We actively manage our own portfolio and share every trade with our Members, who are free to use that information how they choose. Obviously, having a highly concentrated portfolio is not for the passive investor, or for those with a short-term investing horizon.

We hope you find the article illuminating. Please feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit from it, and feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

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