Richard Kaufman In Forbes: A Father’s Day Tribute

Yesterday I published a Father’s Day tribute to my dad, Richard Kaufman, for

It’s certainly the most personal and emotional article I’ve written, as well as the hardest to write. I think you’ll find his story compelling and inspiring. What’s even more valuable in this article, though, are the investing lessons he taught me, some of which I’m sharing now with you.

My dad had a singular focus to become a great investor in order to improve his station in life. He believed that anyone with the passion and dedication to learning can also succeed in beating the market.

Friends and family frequently asked Richard what he was investing in and what he thought about the market. My dad was always eager to share. This was the inspiration behind American Dream Investing: we wanted to educate and motivate investors to take control over their own financial destinies, just as my father did.

It’s now up to me to continue to spread his message throughout the investing community. I’ve done my best to capture many of his unorthodox investing lessons and strategies in this tribute, and I’m grateful to be able to share it with the world on as large a platform as Forbes. American Dream Investing Members have already benefited from our unconventional thinking about the market and from sharing trades in our private portfolio; we hope more investors will join in our success.

It’s been nearly five months since his passing, and I think often about how he would have reacted to what’s happened in these intervening months. I’m sure he’d be proud at how I’ve navigated his portfolio through these uncertain economic times.

While my dad is no longer here to make the trades, he entrusted me with managing his portfolio and his legacy. I hope you’ll read this article and be inspired to continue alongside us on our journey.

Please click here or on the picture below to read my tribute to my hero, Richard Kaufman:

Richard Kaufman Forbes Father's Day Investing Lessons

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