Your 5 Monthly Investing Resources (April 2021)

Your 5 Monthly Investing Resources (April 2021)


I consume a ton of content – articles, podcasts, videos, apps, etc. I’ll be sharing a list with you each month of the best resources I’ve found that will help you on your journey to becoming a better investor. 


Here are 5 great resources for April:


  • Resource 1: PSA: understand the stages of investor psychology – This Reddit page reminded me a lot of the cycle of emotions I know every investor has experienced at some point. Here’s a fun reminder that you’re not alone in feeling the ups and downs of an emotional rollercoaster while investing. Enjoy this light, witty read.




The premier episode of the Colossus podcast covers Shopify, a company that has boomed during the pandemic. You can listen, read the transcript or explore additional content on his site.


My father gave me this as my first book on investing and the stock market. He told me to read it and come back to him to discuss some investing ideas. I’ve been referring to Peter Lynch’s methods ever since.

This is the granddaddy of investment books for the individual investor. Its popularity is due to its readability and accessibility for an investor just starting out or even a seasoned vet. It gave people the tools and confidence to invest themselves and not rely on a mutual fund or money manager. Lynch touted the “invest in what you know” concept, which became extremely popular.

“One Up On Wall Street” breaks down different industries and financial metrics while guiding the reader toward intelligent ways to find value in investments. His tone makes this an entertaining, straightforward and essential read.


What are the best resources you’ve come across recently? Whether it’s a website, book, podcast, video, or app, I’d love to hear about it and may even feature your pick in a future email!


Let me know in the comments below…

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