Your 5 Monthly Investing Resources (June 2021)

I consume a ton of content – articles, podcasts, videos, apps, etc. Each month, I’ll share a list of the best investing resources I’ve found to help your journey towards becoming a better investor.


Here are 5 great investing resources for June:


  • Resource 1: The Why Wait? PodcastI appeared on Rob Berk’s podcast last week to discuss how I started investing, entrepreneurship and why we don’t need to settle for average returns as individual investors. Tune in for a surprise announcement during the show!



  • Resource 3: How Short Selling Works – For those looking for further clarification on how the Gamestop chaos ensued this year, this video simplifies the concept behind the madness — Short Selling. It also compares short-sellers to long-term investors to demonstrate risk and rewards.


  • Resource 4: Concentrated Compounding with Shree ViswanathanI recently stumbled upon this podcast by Capital Employed. The guest described his perspective on concentrated compounding, a strategy our team uses when making investment decisions.


This book is considered the value investor’s Bible. It’s comprehensive and somewhat dry but contains a wealth of profitable information.

Like Peter Lynch, Graham discusses metrics and ways to calculate intrinsic value while breaking down what to look for when analyzing companies. This book is for serious fundamental investors and number crunchers. You’re looking for companies that have been unjustly discounted by the market, buying them cheap and holding them until they become profitable.

This book is essentially a college course, in and of itself. If you pair this with a few YouTube videos, you can level up your investing knowledge without paying for tuition!


What are the best resources you’ve come across recently? Whether it’s a website, book, podcast, video, or app, I’d love to hear about it and may even feature your pick in a future email!


Hit reply and let me know…




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