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How I Consistently Beat the Stock Market As An Independent Investor

February 14, 2017
stock market

This is where the author, a professional investor, promises the reader that for the next 300 pages he’ll thare the secrets of his success. But rule number one, in my book, is: Stop listening to professionals! Peter Lynch, One Up On Wall Street* Click here to Download this Article How many people do you know, who when asked about their investments, respond: “I just give my money to an investment advisor” or “I don’t really want to be bothered with the stock market?” What about you? Have you been reluctant…

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Why You Should Think For Yourself When Investing

December 14, 2016
think for yourself

  Do you know who Tomaz Cajner, Rebecca Zarutskie, or Marco Macchiavelli are?  They’re Ph.D.s employed by the Federal Reserve using your tax dollars.  Bet you didn’t think you were paying someone named Macchiavelli to influence economic policy! The Fed employs more than 300 Ph.D. economists, yet with all that brainpower, they’re still unable to predict accurately what should be done with the economy.  Back in September, before the election, they were unsure if economic growth factors deemed it appropriate for an interest rate hike. Now, in this afternoon’s announcement, they’re expected to raise…

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