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Richard Kaufman In Forbes: A Father’s Day Tribute

June 19, 2020
American Dream Investing Richard Kaufman Karl Kaufman

Yesterday I published a Father’s Day tribute to my dad, Richard Kaufman, for It’s certainly the most personal and emotional article I’ve written, as well as the hardest to write. I think you’ll find his story compelling and inspiring. What’s even more valuable in this article, though, are the investing lessons he taught me, some of which I’m sharing now with you. My dad had a singular focus to become a great investor in order to improve his station in life. He believed that anyone with the passion and…

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American Dream Investing’s Founders Featured in VoyageMIA Magazine

June 14, 2018
American Dream Investing Richard Kaufman and Karl Kaufman

American Dream Investing founders Richard Kaufman and Karl Kaufman were interviewed recently for VoyageMIA Magazine. They discussed how the business was founded and what challenges they had to overcome to launch the business. Click below to read: Meet Richard and Karl Kaufman of American Dream Investing in Boca Raton

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‘Why Are Analysts Almost Always Wrong About Apple?’: Our Latest Forbes Article Is An Editor’s Pick

May 17, 2018
Why Are Analysts Almost Always Wrong About Apple

We’re proud to announce that “Why Are Analysts Almost Always Wrong About Apple?,” our latest article for Forbes, was selected as an “Editor’s Pick.” Despite having access to the most expensive algorithms and predictive models, analysts consistently miss the mark with their predictions. Yet when they publish their reports or appear on CNBC, they can dramatically affect a stock’s price, for better or worse. Prior to Apple’s most recent earnings report, analysts from Morgan Stanley and Bernstein painted doomsday scenarios: the iPhone X was a dud, they weren’t selling enough…

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‘Finance And Markets’ Interviews Karl Kaufman About How To Improve Your Market Gains

April 17, 2018
Finance And Markets

“Finance And Markets” interviewed American Dream Investing CEO Karl Kaufman for their “Cashflow Hacking” video podcast series. Kaufman and host Casey Stubbs had a wide-ranging discussion, covering topics such as why diversification might harm your long-term investing performance, how to protect yourself during a market downturn and American Dream Investing’s keys to successful portfolio management. You can watch the interview and read the transcript by clicking here or watch it on YouTube at this link.  

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New Forbes Post: “Here’s How This One Word Could Destroy Your Investing Success”

March 30, 2018
forbes investing

American Dream Investing’s Founder & CEO Karl Kaufman’s latest article for Forbes discusses the risks that flashy headlines and predictions pose for your portfolio. Click below to read: “Here’s How This One Word Could Destroy Your Investing Success”

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American Dream Investing’s Stock Pick Appears In Kiplinger

February 20, 2018

American Dream Investing is proud to have one of our stock picks featured in Kiplinger, one of the oldest and most well-regarded personal finance and investing publications. CEO Karl Kaufman was quoted in Kiplinger’s article “15 Industrial Stocks That Can Manufacture Gains in 2018.” We’ve been analyzing companies that stand to gain the most from corporate tax reform and have picked Emerson Electric and two other stocks we believe will benefit from being able to claim an immediate 100% deduction from capital expenditures. American Dream Investing’s Members already knew that…

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USA Weekly Interviews American Dream Investing CEO Karl Kaufman

January 29, 2018
usa weekly interviews karl kaufman ceo american dream investing

Founder & CEO Karl Kaufman was interviewed by USA Weekly for their ongoing “Business Interviews” series. [First appeared January 28, 2018 in USA Weekly] Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge. There are many standard challenges that face every business whether they are large or small. It is not easy running a company, especially in a fast-paced, ever-changing business world. Technology advances, new hiring strategies, and now, political changes coming with the new administration, all add to the existing business challenges…

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Watch Karl Kaufman’s Interview On Bloomberg Quint & Read His Latest Forbes Article

January 4, 2018
bloomberg quint

Founder & CEO Karl Kaufman appeared on Bloomberg Quint TV this morning to discuss his Forbes article about the Apple/Netflix rumors. Watch below:   It was a big day for American Dream Investing in the media today, as Karl’s latest Forbes article was also published. Click below to read his take on the controversy surrounding Spotify’s upcoming IPO: “Spotify Keeps Adding To Their List Of Enemies”

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Karl Kaufman’s 7 Best Investing Apps For 2018

December 15, 2017

Karl Kaufman’s list of the best investing apps for 2018 was just published on Click below to read:     The 7 Best Investing Apps For 2018 What apps do you use to make your investing decisions? Leave a comment below…

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Founder & CEO Karl Kaufman Is Now A Forbes Contributor

December 12, 2017

We’re excited to announce that founder & CEO Karl Kaufman is now a Forbes contributor! Check out his first article below: How Index Funds And ETFs Cost You More Than You Think   He’ll be writing at least 5 articles a month for Forbes, and you can follow him on his Author page so you never miss a post:

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