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Annualized Returns
over the Past 10 Years
As of 8/31/20


Cumulative Returns
over the Past 10 Years
As of 8/31/20

"Each day, I look forward to getting trade alerts so I can mirror all American Dream Investing trades. Now I am beating the S&P. Year to date, I have double digit returns. My full trust in Richard and Karl gives me a comfort level that my money is at work and my investment future is bright."
— Sheldon Rosenthal from Surprise, AZ

Your 5 Step Stock Analysis Checklist American Dream Investing


Your 5 Step Stock Analysis Checklist

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Market Breaking News

American Dream Investing finished 2019 up a whopping 56.10%, compared to the S&P 500, up 31.49%.

Third-party CPA firm also verifies ADI’s outstanding 2016 performance results which again decisively beat the market. Read the full report by independent CPA firm Soles, Heyn & Company.

We’re Proud Of Our Performance.

Measuring performance is vital for any portfolio. Without comparing yourself to a benchmark, how do you know if your results are as good as they should be?

We use the S&P 500 as our benchmark, as we think it is the best overall representation of the stock market. By that measure, we have doubled the S&P over the last 10 years.

We have access to the same information as any other retail investor. We subscribe to numerous financial publications and blogs and watch the same financial news programs as everyone else. But we do our own independent analysis and invest after reaching our own conclusions.

Our performance is the result of solid research and independent thinking. We’re trading only as the opportunity presents itself. Our approach is long-term and conservative, and shouldn’t be judged by day-to-day market movements, but by long-term results.

If we were a mutual fund, our 22.62% annualized return would rank in the top 5 performing Large-Company Stock Fund over the last 10 years, according to Kiplinger.* And we don’t charge any fees that eat away at your bottom line!

90 Day
Money Back Guarantee

Trade alongside an individual investor with no Wall Street training who's DOUBLED the market over the last ten years.

Try our Membership risk-free for 90 days. If it's not for you, we'll give you a full refund -- no questions asked!


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