Ultimate Profit Playbook Deluxe Hardcover Edition

$ 29.95



How to Build Life-Changing Wealth in the Stock Market

How can ordinary investors achieve extraordinary returns?

The Ultimate Profit Playbook is an interactive workbook teaching the step-by-step process needed to evaluate a stock. It will help investors organize their research, dramatically reducing the time required to construct a market-beating portfolio.

As the founder of American Dream Investing and a Forbes contributor, Karl Kaufman has provided investing insights to millions of readers.

Based on decades of experience, this easy-to-understand guide is designed with the individual investor in mind.

In The Ultimate Profit Playbook, Kaufman shows how to:

  • Find a prospective stock to invest in
  • Develop critical thinking to gain an edge over the professionals
  • Know exactly which numbers to prioritize and how to find them quickly
  • Discover secret web search ideas to uncover information ignored by most investors

With The Ultimate Profit Playbook, Kaufman reveals the strategies he has used to generate more than 20% annualized returns over the past ten years.

If you’re looking for the one investing book to always keep by your side, The Ultimate Profit Playbook will be your trusted guide time and again.


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