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We’re a father-son team beating the market and we invite you to trade alongside us. We’re Wall Street outsiders and our aim is to educate you as to why YOU need to manage your own investments, either by yourself or with the help of a trusted advisor.

We are not brokers or financial advisors and we don’t manage anyone’s money except our own. We give you information you need to become a more educated and informed investor.

As a Member, you will be able to see our entire portfolio and look over our shoulders every time we make a trade.

Founder & Chief Investment Officer Richard H. Kaufman is the American Dream personified, and has taught his son, founder & Chief Executive Officer Karl Kaufman, everything he knows about being a successful independent investor. Karl currently writes about investing and personal finance as a Forbes contributor.

We teamed up to create an innovative and disruptive way to make money, and we want to share that knowledge with you!

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Our Numbers Speak for Themselves





Annualized Returns
over the Past 10 Years
As of 8/31/18


Cumulative Returns
over the Past 10 Years
As of 8/31/18


"I have been with American Dream Investing since inception. I have followed them and am enjoying a very nice positive return on my investments. In one instance the return was 25% rapidly and still going strong. Their method of buying small amounts of a stock and spreading risk is working well especially for a small portfolio. I highly recommend them."

— Dr. Daniel Trachtenberg from Washington Crossing, PA

"Karl and Rich,
Thank you for your valuable insights over the past year. I have learned a great deal from American Dream Investing, contributing to the success of my investment strategies."
— Charlie Antzelevitch

"Each day, I look forward to getting his Alerts so I can mirror all his trades. Now I am beating the S&P. Year to date, I have double digit returns.

My full trust in Richard and Karl gives me a comfort level that my money is at work and my investment future is bright."

— Sheldon Rosenthal from Surprise, AZ

"I have tried to research stocks on my own, but never really have the time to fully research them and usually end up missing out on the best time to buy the stocks.

By joining as a Member, I have access to all of Rich's trades in real time and great journal articles which illuminate his thought process.  I was able to make some successful trades in sectors I would typically never even think about trading in and I look forward to getting texts from American Dream Investing to see what they'll invest in next!"

— Dr. David H. from New York, NY

As a Member, you’ll have access to every trade we make, as we make them, as well as exclusive commentary about the market unavailable to non-Members.

Unlike other services, we’ll send you text message updates so you can get the information you need as fast as possible.  Due to market fluctuations, you may not be able to buy the stock at the same price — many times, you can buy it at a better price than we did!

We can send you trade updates however you choose, whether it’s through text message, email or by logging in to the site. Historical trades will be accessible on the website.

Receive a Text Alert Every Time We Make a Trade
Model Stock Portfolios with Analysis of Each Portfolio Stock
Model Stock Portfolios with
Analysis of Each Portfolio Stock
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Complete Daily Trading History
Access to Stock Charts
Access to Stock Charts

The American Dream Journal

Read our insightful, irreverent commentary, unfiltered and unencumbered by conventional thinking. We want to empower you with the knowledge you need to make your own informed decisions. We want you to feel as passionate about making money in the market as we are.

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