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My name is Karl Kaufman, and I'd like to welcome you to American Dream Investing.

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I help individual investors just like you, often ignored by Wall Street.


I graduated from Cornell University and worked as a stock market data analyst, calculating indexes like the S&P 500.

When the company I worked for outsourced my job to India, I found myself unemployed and in debt. 

In the meantime, I saw my parents leapfrog many of their peers during their retirement. They went from a comfortable lifestyle to a life of luxury while most of their friends were trying to make their money last during retirement.

The Second Act

After being laid off, I linked up with my Dad. He taught me the method he used to triple his net worth during retirement and grow his savings into a multi-million dollar portfolio.

Since then, I've passed the Series 65 exam required to become a financial advisor to use that knowledge in an unconventional way to boost our portfolio. Instead of managing other people's money, I've focused on teaching investors how to think differently about the stock market. Karl Kaufman Cornell University

I've been invited to present at universities, investment clubs, and financial events throughout the country. As a contributor for Forbes.com, I write about money and the markets with the individual investor in mind. Over 1,000,000 people have read my articles.

Karl Kaufman Forbes Bio

Some fun facts: I was featured in the Miami Herald after Bruce Springsteen helped me propose to my girlfriend at one of his concerts. I've also been a contestant on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," but learned from my Dad that you don't have to be on a game show to become a millionaire!

Karl Kaufman Who Wants to Be a Millionaire


I spent years trading alongside my father, researching new investment opportunities to help him beat the market.

Building a Legacy

My Dad passed away in January 2020, leaving me the responsibility of managing the portfolio using his time-tested strategies.

Under my stewardship, American Dream Investing's 5-Year performance is 299.51% vs. 101.53% for the S&P 500 (as of 6/30/2024).

My performance is the result of solid research and independent thinking. ​I subscribe to numerous financial publications and blogs and watch the same financial news programs as everyone else. But I do my own independent analysis and invest after reaching my own conclusions.

Over the last ten years, the ADI portfolio has seen cumulative returns of 786.90% compared to the S&P 500's cumulative gain of 235.21% (as of 6/30/2024).*

Using his methodology, I've helped Members achieve double-digit returns by providing an insider look into our portfolio and the trades we make.

Join me and the rest of the American Dream Investing Members in taking back control of your financial freedom!


Karl Kaufman Ultimate Profit Playbook


An American Dream: The Richard H. Kaufman Story

Richard Kaufman was an individual investor who was able to triple his net worth during retirement. He was not a Wall Street analyst or a financial advisor -- in fact, he spent his entire career as a scientist!

From Humble Beginnings...

Richard personified the American Dream. He was born into a struggling family in Brooklyn in 1947 and at the age of seven, lost his father suddenly.

Richard was determined to make a better life for himself and as a child, spent weekends wrapped up in books at the Brooklyn Public Library. He attended Brooklyn Technical High School and was the first member of his family to attend college. He graduated from City College of New York with a degree in Chemistry, followed by an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Richard served his country as a medic in the Army Reserves for eight years. He worked for four decades as an innovative research scientist and engineer for major food and drug companies and held more than fifteen patents. His inventions still stock shelves wherever food and medical supplies are sold.

Turning Passion Into Profits

He started investing as a way of supplementing his income, and found he was passionate about learning the ins and outs of the stock market. When he realized he could grow his wealth substantially greater through the stock market, rather than at his regular job, he retired early to focus on investing full time.

Like Father, Like Son

In 2016, he & Karl started American Dream Investing as a way of educating others about his unconventional investing strategy.

Richard’s philosophy in life was “it’s great to be lucky, but it’s a lot more important to know when you’re lucky.”

richard kaufman american dream investing our story

Richard Kaufman passed away in January 2020, leaving behind a lasting legacy.

Karl continues to manage the portfolio using Richard's strategies, which he learned from spending tens of thousands of hours sitting at his dad's side.

You can read Karl's tribute to his father in Forbes by clicking the picture below:

Richard Kaufman Forbes Father's Day Investing Lessons

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