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American Dream Investing is a family-owned financial membership service and news publication, dedicated to sharing independent and unconventional thoughts on building wealth through the stock market. We are not brokers or financial advisors.

Founder and owner Richard H. Kaufman is the American Dream personified.  Born into a struggling family in Brooklyn, Richard’s single mother always put him and his four brothers first, but working full-time to put food on the table made times even tougher in an already tough New York neighborhood.

Through his hard work and determination, he applied and was accepted to Brooklyn Technical High School. He was the first member of his family to attend and graduate from college when he was accepted into the tuition-free City College of New York and graduated with a degree in Chemistry, followed by an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He worked for four decades as an innovative research scientist and engineer for major food and drug companies and holds more than fifteen patents. His inventions still stock shelves wherever food is sold throughout the world.

As if this personal and professional achievement wasn’t enough, he started investing as a way of supplementing his income, and found he was passionate about learning the ins and outs of the stock market. When he realized he could grow his wealth substantially greater through the stock market, rather than at his regular job, he retired early so he could focus on investing full time.

His passion turned into big profits. Rich’s portfolio has averaged a 17.00% annual return* over the last 10 years compared to the S&P 500 10 year average return of 7.61% (as of 8/31/17), all without paying anything to financial advisors, money managers or hedge funds. He now owns properties in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Rich and his wife Abbe saved their money through the early years of their marriage so that their children could have the best education possible. Their sons Karl & Jonathan both attended Cornell University, and Karl graduated with a degree in Communication with a Business Concentration. After he was outsourced from his first job as a stock market data analyst, Karl took his severance package and started investing based on what Rich was doing. He now has a significant nest egg saved for retirement that will keep growing through the years.

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Richard & Karl teamed up to create an innovative and disruptive way to make money: American Dream Investing. Using methods that can be learned with time and determination, Rich went from poverty to the top 1%, and he can show you how he succeeded. American Dream Investing’s Private Class Membership offers you exclusive access to Rich’s portfolio and members receive text messages and emails whenever he makes a trade.

You too can Build Wealth, Grow Wealth, and Keep Wealth.  

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 *Past performance is no guarantee of future results. It is not possible to invest directly in American Dream Investing’s portfolio; however, we will provide information so that Private Class Members can decide whether they’d like to mirror our trades.