Membership Questions

Here’s what you’ll get as an ADI Member:

  • Access to exclusive information and every stock within our multi-million dollar portfolio, which has averaged a 24.89% annual return over the last ten years
  • You’ll be able to see Model Portfolios based on various investment amounts. The weighting of each stock is critical to the portfolio’s outperformance through the years.
  • We send you email alerts with detailed trade information each time we buy or sell a stock. These moves are vital to capturing hidden value and maximizing profit–it’s why our team monitors the market every trading day.

It’s a smart idea to get knowledge from as many trusted sources as you can. The issue is many investors don’t have the time or desire to do the necessary research on companies. It also takes a good deal of experience and skill to process that research and execute a trade based on sound research.

Many businesses that sell investment advice and information will cherry-pick the trades that have worked or advertise a system that will make you as rich as them overnight. This is deceptive marketing!

In addition, these services might send you trades they’re making within a charitable trust or a corporate account. They have no real skin in the game. They’ll bombard you with dispensable advice to try and justify their existence.

I’m an individual investor, just like you. Every trade you receive is one I just made in my actual portfolio.

I subscribe to thousands of dollars of advanced trading platforms and high-level subscription services. My team and I spend hundreds of hours each week monitoring the market. We process and analyze all this information and apply it to my portfolio. Then I share with you exactly what I’ve done and why. My own personal wealth is on the line.

All Memberships unlock the same benefits. You can select the billing frequency for your account which allows you to take advantage of discounts by prepaying either annually or for up to two years in advance. All Membership options come with a 365-day money back guarantee to ensure we are a good fit for you.

Strategy Questions

Not at this time. Karl passed the Series 65 Exam required to be an investment advisor. However, he does not manage others’ money–he uses that knowledge and skill to make money in his own growing portfolio. The foundation of American Dream Investing is for individual investors to keep control of their money. We have seen that this is the best way to maximize profits in the stock market.

No, we are not licensed or registered investment advisors. None of what we write about should be considered investment advice and you should conduct your own research and/or consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

It depends on market conditions. Some days we may make several trades, while some days we won't see any good opportunities and there will be no trades. We average around 3-5 trades per month.

While we do follow the market closely each day and may make several trades, we usually buy and hold our investments for the long-term. Many day traders buy and sell their positions for the short-term - sometimes buying and selling out of the same position within minutes.

We are unable to provide tailored advice or specific recommendations to individuals. Our trades and publications are provided for informational and educational purposes only.

Account Questions

Annual membership costs only $399.99 per year.

An additional $100 discount is granted for a two-year membership at $699.99.

We'll send an email each time we place an order to buy or sell a stock, and another message once the order is filled. Keep a lookout for our alerts!

You can cancel anytime from the "My Account" page or by calling (800) 989-7747 or emailing info@americandreaminvesting.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to info@americandreaminvesting.com or call us at (800) 989-7747.