Success Stories

"I have been with American Dream Investing since inception. I have followed them and am enjoying a very nice positive return on my investments. In one instance the return was 25% rapidly and still going strong. Their method of buying small amounts of a stock and spreading risk is working well especially for a small portfolio. I highly recommend them."

— Dr. Daniel Trachtenberg in Palm Beach, FL

"I've had brokerage accounts at Morgan Stanley, Vanguard, Wells Fargo, E-trade and TD Ameritrade and they were all the same, they only called when they wanted to sell me a new service. I have tried to research stocks on my own, but never really have the time to fully research them and usually end up missing out on the best time to buy the stocks.

By joining as a Member, I was able to make some successful trades in sectors I would typically never even think about trading in and I look forward to getting texts from American Dream Investing to see what they'll invest in next!"

— Dr. David H. in New York, NY

"Karl and Rich,
Thank you for your valuable insights over the past year. I have learned a great deal from American Dream Investing, contributing to the success of my investment strategies."
— Charles Antzelevitch

"I was very reluctant to pull the trigger when deciding to make the purchase, but I am VERY happy with my decision. Karl's system has taught me a lot about investing and patience!

2020 has been a trying time for everyone and it's very easy to make emotional decisions when it comes to money and the market.

I am a small business owner and I do not have the time nor the knowledge to make trades on my own without an expert telling me what to do and that's what you get with American Dream Investing.

I highly recommend this company!!

Thanks Karl for all your help"

— Mike Roesbery

"I want to share my story with all my investor peers because subscribing to American Dream Investing has become a 'Dream Come True.'

For many years, I have been investing on my own, with both successes and failures. I considered myself an active investor who executed in excess of 20 trades per month. Many of my trades were impulsive, reactionary to down markets, and lacked research and due diligence. In both up and down markets my performance did not come close to beating the S&P.

Due to my frustrations and based on a recommendation from a large investment firm, I engaged a wealth management company that charged a 1% annual fee. The wealth management company constructed a portfolio based on their portfolio strategies which resulted in a subpar performance.

At that point, I wanted to take control of my own money.

My goal was to generate investment income and at the same time have my portfolio grow.

I was absolutely thrilled to subscribe to American Dream Investing for a small fee.

I look forward to getting Karl's alerts so I can mirror his trades. Now I am beating the S&P. Year to date, I have double digit returns.

My full trust in Karl gives me a comfort level that my money is at work and my investment future is bright."

— Sheldon Rosenthal in Surprise, AZ