Get Real-Time Trade Alerts Wherever You Are

Our Members Club Will Show You How You Can Invest Like A Millionaire


Over The Last Ten Years,
A $200,000 Investment
Would Now Be Worth


Gain Access to a Portfolio Averaging 22.62% Annual Returns

Get Real-Time Trade Alerts Wherever You Are

Our Members Club Will Show You How You Can Invest Like A Millionaire

Over The Last Ten Years,
A $200,000 Investment
Would Now Be Worth



Gain Access to a Portfolio Averaging 22.62% Annual Returns

Our Members-Only Portfolio
Consistently Outperforms the S&P 500

(Total Returns as of 8/31/20)

Meet Your Guides

Karl Kaufman American Dream Investing

Karl Kaufman

Co-Founder Karl Kaufman writes about money and investing as a Forbes contributor, where he has interviewed Peter Diamandis, Jeffrey Gundlach and Tony Robbins, among others. 

Karl graduated from Cornell University, worked as a stock market data analyst and passed the Series 65 exam.

As a financial educator, he has been invited to present to students at Boston College & the University of Central Florida as well as the Foundation for Women's Economic Literacy. 

richard kaufman american dream investing our story

Richard H. Kaufman (1947-2020)

Co-Founder Richard H. Kaufman had five decades of experience as an individual investor.

After retiring from his career as a scientist and engineer, he more than tripled his net worth without paying anything to financial advisors or hedge funds.

American Dream Investing was founded based on his investing strategies which he passed on to his son, Karl, through tens of thousands of hours sitting together and watching, reading and discussing the stock market.

Though Richard is no longer with us, his legacy lives on.

We’re beating the market and we invite you to trade alongside us. 

We'll help you navigate the choppy waters of stock market volatility.

As Wall Street outsiders, our aim is to educate you as to why YOU need to manage your own investments, either by yourself or with the help of a trusted advisor.

We're Watching The Stock Market So You Won't Have To

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American Dream Investing Trade Alert Boat

As a Member, you will be able to see our entire portfolio and look over our shoulders every time we make a trade.

We are not brokers or financial advisors and we don’t manage anyone’s money except our own.

We give you the information you need to become a more educated and informed investor.

Your 5 Step Stock Analysis Checklist American Dream Investing


Your 5 Step Stock Analysis Checklist

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We help investors like you overcome the noise and confusion of investing.

Our instant trade alerts save you time and can help you make money without watching the market all day.

You’ll be free to live your life however you want without missing a potential investing opportunity from an independent and trusted source.


"I have been with American Dream Investing since inception. I have followed them and am enjoying a very nice positive return on my investments. In one instance the return was 25% rapidly and still going strong. Their method of buying small amounts of a stock and spreading risk is working well especially for a small portfolio. I highly recommend them."

— Dr. Dan Trachtenberg in Palm Beach, FL

"Karl and Rich,
Thank you for your valuable insights over the past year. I have learned a great deal from American Dream Investing, contributing to the success of my investment strategies."
— Charles Antzelevitch

"I look forward to getting his Alerts so I can mirror all his trades. Now I am beating the S&P. Year to date, I have double digit returns.

My full trust in Richard and Karl gives me a comfort level that my money is at work and my investment future is bright."

— Sheldon Rosenthal in Surprise, AZ

"I have tried to research stocks on my own, but never really have the time to fully research them and usually end up missing out on the best time to buy the stocks.

By joining as a Member, I was able to make some successful trades in sectors I would typically never even think about trading in. I look forward to getting texts from American Dream Investing to see what they'll invest in next!"

— Dr. David H. in New York, NY

90 Day
Money Back Guarantee

Trade alongside an individual investor who has DOUBLED the market over the last ten years 

(668% return vs. the S&P’s 310%, as of 8/31/20).

Our average annual return over those 10 years is

22.62% compared to 15.16% for the S&P 500.

Try our Membership risk-free for 90 days. If it's not for you, we'll give you a full refund -- no questions asked!

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