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"I have been with American Dream Investing since inception. I have followed them and am enjoying a very nice positive return on my investments. In one instance the return was 25% rapidly and still going strong. Their method of buying small amounts of a stock and spreading risk is working well especially for a small portfolio. I highly recommend them."
— Dr. Daniel Trachtenberg from Washington Crossing, PA

As a Member, you’ll have access to every trade we make, as we make them, as well as exclusive commentary about the market unavailable to non-Members.

Unlike other services, we’ll send you text message updates so you can get the information you need as fast as possible.  Due to market fluctuations, you may not be able to buy the stock at the same price — many times, you can buy it at a better price than we did!

We can send you trade updates however you choose, whether it’s through text message, email or by logging in to the site. Historical trades will be accessible on the website.

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Model Stock Portfolios with Analysis of Each Portfolio Stock
Model Stock Portfolios with
Analysis of Each Portfolio Stock
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Access to Stock Charts

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  1. You won’t pay us a dime in commission or any other fees besides your modest membership dues.

    We are completely independent and are not encouraged to pump a particular stock because the big boss tells us it’s on the menu this month.

  2. We are a source for exclusive information not available anywhere else.

    You will learn about a proprietary money-making investment model that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

  3. Since this is a private club, there are only a limited amount of memberships available before we stop accepting new members.

  4. By joining, you will have insider access to a growing multi-million dollar portfolio with specific percentage allocations for each stock.

    We even created Model Portfolios based on our theory of asset allocation for portfolios of various sizes.

  5. You will receive text and email updates every time we make a trade, so you never miss out on a potential opportunity.

    You will be able to manage your investments on your own and retain complete control of your money at all times.


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