“Momentus And The Business Of Space”: New Forbes Post

Momentus is a space infrastructure company that is scheduled to go public this year. They’ve partnered with SpaceX and count NASA and Lockheed Martin as early customers. Momentus says it has $90 million in signed contracts and $1.1 billion under negotiation.
One aspect of space travel that has not exactly captured the public’s imagination is the grunt work required to transport payloads between orbits. Vessels handling this essential task are known as space tugs, the “tow trucks” of outer space

Though rocket launches might get all the glory, space tugs are critical elements needed to launch the burgeoning space economy into hyperdrive.

Previously, the tremendous expense required to launch a rocket carrying only one or two satellites has stymied smaller satellite companies. Now, these companies can hitch a ride on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying dozens of satellites. Momentus’ Vigoride space tug, also on board, will then deliver these small satellites the “last mile” between orbits while also collecting used cargo that can later be repurposed or reused.

Momentus CEO Mikhail Kokorich and Karl Kaufman discussed the economics of space, why going public via SPAC is more beneficial than a traditional IPO and the environmental concerns about the space economy.

Read below, via Forbes:

Momentus Mikhail Kokorich Karl Kaufman Forbes American Dream Investing
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