Richer, Wiser, Happier

What is one common trait shared by nearly all of the world’s greatest investors?


They read…a lot.


William Green’s extraordinary new book Richer, Wiser, Happier: How The World’s Greatest Investors Win In Markets And Life is based on his interviews with investing luminaries including Charlie Munger, Sir John Templeton and Bill Miller. 


Richer Wiser Happier


As an avid reader of investing books old and new, I can say that Richer, Wiser, Happier easily slides into my personal list of the best books I’ve read (I’ll be sharing more with you in future resource lists).


I first read an excerpt in Barron’s last month and immediately pre-ordered a copy (something I’ve never done before). When the book was released on April 20, I devoured it over the next few days, despite dealing with two children under two years old and high fever from my second COVID vaccine! 


Green has written for Fortune, Forbes, The New Yorker and The Economist, and his writing style is warm and relatable. He writes with the individual investor in mind, clearly summarizing sage advice from the world’s greatest investing minds without overcomplicating things.


As the title suggests, the book is not only about making money and often wades into philosophical territory. “How can we make smart decisions when nothing stays the same and the future is unknowable?” writes Green at the beginning of one chapter. 


On the surface, the chapter is ostensibly a profile of Howard Marks, the legendary hedge-fund manager. Digging deeper, we find that much of the investment advice offered within these pages is also applicable to our everyday lives. By embracing the impermanence of life and accepting all that we don’t know, we can become better investors and happier people.


After reading the book, I knew I had to find a way to contact William Green. With some persistence and unconventional thinking (traits that have served me well as an investor), I was able to track him down. 


I’m happy to report that I’ll be interviewing him tomorrow for Forbes. I’m looking forward to that conversation and will be sharing it with you once it’s published.


I can’t recommend this book enough and urge you to get a copy of it (note: American Dream Investing may get a small commission from any Amazon purchases you make from this link. I’d be just as happy, though, if you borrow it from the library and invest the $20 instead). Reading it will surely help make you richer, wiser and happier!


Have you read the book yet? What questions would you like me to ask William when I speak with him tomorrow?


Here’s to many happy returns!


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